Monday, 23 April 2012

Line versus Staff Authority

      1.  Line VS Staff Authority – Authority is the right to make decisions, to direct the work
of others, and to give orders.  Line managers are authorized to direct the work of subordinates.  Staff managers are authorized to assist and advise line managers in accomplishing their basic goals. HR managers are generally staff managers.
      2.  Line Managers’ HRM Responsibilities – Most line managers are responsible for
line functions, coordinative functions, and some staff functions.

III.  Cooperative line and staff hr management:
 In recruiting and hiring, it’s generally the line manager’s responsibility to specify the qualifications employees
need to fill specific positions.  Then the HR staff takes over.  They develop sources of qualified applicants and conduct initial screening interviews.  They administer the appropriate test.  Then they refer the best applicants to the supervisor (line manager), who interviews and selects the ones he/she wants.

IV.  Line Manager
Authorized to direct the work of subordinates—they’re always someone’s boss.  In addition, line managers are in charge of accomplishing the organization’s basic goals. 
Line Managers’ Human Resource Management Responsibilities
1. Placement
2. Orientation
3. Training
4. Improving job performance
5. Gaining creative cooperation
6. Interpreting policies and procedures
7. Controlling labor costs
8. Developing employee abilities
9. Creating and maintaining departmental morale
10. Protecting employees’ health and physical condition

V.  Staff Manager 
Authorized to assist and advise line managers in accomplishing these basic goals.  HR managers are generally staff managers.  
Responsibilities Of Staff Managers
Staff managers assist and advise line managers in accomplishing these basic goals.   They do, however, need to work in partnership with each other to be successful.  Some examples of the HR responsibilities of staff
managers include assistance in hiring, training, evaluating, rewarding, counseling, promoting, and firing of
employees, and the administering of various benefits programs. 


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